I’ve started to make a podcast! Lots of work is needed for these things … and I am finding that out, heh. Even though the logo is being made, we have a name, and a good concept … but now we have to … make it. And promote it. So many things. I’ve bought a URL and have set up the initial website with a little information, but haven’t actually set up the site yet myself. Going to learn gatsby over the weekend, and once I do that it’ll look much better. :) http://gameoftheweek.club Hope to see you there in a few weeks, when we have some episodes set up!

and then six months passed Just to let anyone reading this know: We do not have episodes set up. As is the case with most podcasts, this one failed to get off the ground much. I’m going to make a postmortem once (… if?) my /new/ podcast comes out. :p